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To kill a mocking bird
« -: 25 Май, 2018, 10:55:24 am »

Ok a bird sings outside my window. All night long. It drives me nuts. It wakes me up early in the morning.
I have a hard enough time falling asleep as it is and I want it to die.
And no i am not an animal hater, I catch spiders and let them go outside and I take in baby hummingbirds and drive them to rescues (check my posting history, I love animals).
But this, this is war. I am going to kill it until it's dead.
I need to know how to do this. I am being dead serious.
After much googling, and listening to .mp3s of bird calls. I have found the enemy.
Do i get the most high powered pellet gun there is? Infrared night vision?

Please help.

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